Thoughts on Brock Lesnar on UFC200, CM Punk's UFC debut, and WWE's Money in the Bank

This past Wednesday night I was a guest on Jim Wrestle's "Choked Out Radio" podcast on BlogTalkRadio to discuss Brock Lesnar's involvement in UFC200, CM Punk's pending UFC debut, and gave out some thoughts and predictions on this Sunday's WWE pay-per-view "Money in the Bank."  Please check out the podcast using the following link:

I will likely write a blog on the upcoming UFC200 card in the near future but for now here are some quick predictions for Sunday's WWE "Money in the Bank" pay-per-view:

Roman Reigns retains the title: I just don't see how Reigns will lose the belt so soon after WrestleMania even though Rollins' comeback story should end with him finally reclaiming the title he never lost.  But there's more to Rollins story that can be told and eventually have the fans rally behind him to officially turn him babyface in his quest to become champion again.

Owens wins the briefcase:  I'm torn between Owens and Ambrose but I think because the WWE teased that Ambrose will win it and cash on one of his former Shield members that they actually won't do it.  Plus, the briefcase is better suited on a heel and there's not a more entertaining heel at the moment than Kevin Owens.

Cena over Styles:  Billed as a "dream match," this is the match I'm most looking forward to on Sunday.  Not only do I expect this to be a great bout but I'm not sure about the outcome which is always good.  Cena has given newer guys victories in their first match up only to beat them multiple times in rematches (re: Rusev, Owens).  However, I just can't fathom the WWE allowing Cena to lose in this big "dream match" to a former TNA guy.  I just don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong.

"The Club" wins the tag belts:  Like I mentioned on the podcast, I just think Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows need to regain some momentum that they've lost since their debut.  Winning the belts would be a start.

Crews over Sheamus; Corbin over Ziggler; Brooke/Charlotte over Natalya/Becky:  Beating Sheamus would be a nice feather in Crews' cap.  Ziggler's job is to make Corbin look strong who has lost a few matches but they've all seemed fluky so he's been kept somewhat strong since his debut at WrestleMania.  Ziggler needs to turn heel and is one guy that the brand split will benefit a lot.  And even though it's a tag match, I hope the WWE doesn't use it as a way to have Charlotte's team lose because she's been losing way too much on TV lately.  Sasha Banks is lurking in the background but SummerSlam seems more likely to be her "moment" and the women's division has been a disappoint since 'Mania and part of it has been the booking of Charlotte as a beatable champion.

Hoping the Golden State Warriors close the series tonight in Cleveland so I won't have to miss "Money in the Bank" this Sunday.  I probably won't miss it anyway but would prefer to have no distractions so good luck GSW and enjoy the PPV!